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Watch Out Of The Box Showcasing Brazil's Underground Music Scene.

Audio Nutrition's first project begins on a musical journey that is born through the desire to artistically present the creative minds behind the independent underground movements of the city of São Paulo. This journey is presented to you through a series of music videos featuring L_cio, Shadow Movement and Nuven performing live.

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Watch Vinyl Sessions Showcasing The Journey Of Vinyl Discoveries in Brazil.

The Vinyl Sessions is a series of music videos that reunites within our studio classic names of electronic music with performance in the good old turntables. Artists from different perspectives gather with unique researches and their vinyls to present unpublished sets. The scenography of the project is representative of technological simplicity that no less gave life to great works. In the first Vinyl Sessions, we will have Andrea Gram Craig Ouar and Suzana Haddad.

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